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Steering & Suspension Service and Repair in Red Deer

When you bring your car or truck into Dick’s Auto & Truck Repair for a steering or suspension problem, we will provide a thorough inspection of your springs, shocks, and struts for any signs of wear or damage.


Did you know that improper suspension can cause your tires to wear out faster? It’s true. Some of the signs your vehicle may need a suspension service include:

  • Excessive noise travelling over bumps

  • Uneven tire wear

  • Bumpy or shaky rides

  • Vehicle bounces or “wanders”

Steering & Suspension Repairs

When you bring your auto in for a steering or suspension repair, we will replace parts in pairs to ensure uniform performance. All necessary components will be greased. Your vehicle will be test driven before and after the repair to ensure all steering and suspension parts are functioning as promised.

At Dick’s Auto & Truck Repair, we use quality, name brand parts when completing replacements for:

Ball joints

Tie rods

Pitman arms

Idler arms

Steering racks & boxes

Wheel bearings



Tire services & repairs

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Steering & Suspension

Service and Repair

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