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Durable Battery Replacement in Red Deer

The electrical system is a vital part of keeping your car safe and in running condition. If it fails, your car fails. Come to Dick’s Auto & Truck Repair in Red Deer for battery replacement and electrical diagnostic services. We offer several auto electrical services, including:

Electrical/engine light diagnostics

Auto electrical wiring troubleshooting

Fixing the charging system (alternators)

Battery replacement and system resets where applicable


Engine light icon

Electrifying Service

The electrical system is essential and should not be neglected. Whether the trouble is an old battery that needs replacing or broken wiring somewhere in the system, we can diagnose and fix the problem before you know it. If you find you’re having trouble starting the car or that your check engine light is on, bring it down to our shop, and we’ll take a good look at it.

No Last Minute Hiccups

It's important to keep the battery and other electrical parts working to avoid last-minute issues.

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