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Get Oil Maintenance and Filter Change in Red Deer

Beyond merely filling up the gas tank, nothing is more essential to the proper running of a vehicle than an oil change. For 40 years, Dick’s Auto & Truck Repair has helped keep thousands of cars and trucks safe and operational. Your vehicle will exhibit a few signs when it is time for a filter or oil change. These signs include:

Engine noise

Check engine light

Black oil when you check oil levels

Oily leaks under your vehicle

We carry different weights of oil depending on the make and model of the vehicle, including conventional and synthetic oil. Still, Castrol is the go-to brand and is our standard unless you request something different. In addition to fluid services, we also perform coolant flushes, and our mechanic will inspect all fluid levels before sending you out on the road.

Filters, Belts & Spark Plugs

We keep a stock of quality replacement products, including a majority of common filters, belts, and spark plugs. Other parts such as ignition wires and ignition coil boots are just a phone call away!

The team at Dick’s can also recommend the proper oil change frequency for your particular vehicle. Stop by Dick’s Auto & Truck in Red Deer today for an oil change or maintenance service!

Timely Oil Change

Keep your vehicle in top shape with regular oil change and engine maintenance.

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